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#1 2012-11-09 12:38:03

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HTML copy/paste : the open door to hacking

Dears, I was pretty pleased while testing Xinha until I found 2 problems :

The little one : The "CharCounter" plugin is not working properly, there are too much ways to overshoot the char limit (by copy/paste for instance).

And the really BIG one :
Open what ever site where you have implemented Xinha. Begin selecting this forum page from the top-left and drag the mouse until reaching, for instance, the menu or the forum path (Index >> User Discussion & Help >> ...). THen press CTRL + C, go to your website, click on a Xinha editor, and press CTRL + V.

This is what you got with the youtube website for example :

Forum problem


#2 2013-09-30 07:00:54

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Re: HTML copy/paste : the open door to hacking

Hacking html-only pages is not possible. Not by web application at least. You will need to look into exploiting the web server or other services running on the server

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