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Problem loading Mootools extension

Hi there,

I've been using Xinha for a while and have made minor modifications in the past, however, I've gotten completely stuck while trying to change from EFM to MFM.

I've downloaded the Stable, Branch and Trunk releases and played with each. I've also downloaded the MootoolsFileManager and can run that independently fine.

The problem I'm having occurs when the htmlarea is loading. When the loading box is enabled it works through the various plugins and then gets stuck on the MootoolsFileManager extension and goes no further. I've followed the configuration and made sure the php element is being parsed.

When running the mootools-file-manager.php example (and others I have setup building on the Newbie examples) the text area doesn't load - the error I get is:

missing : after property id
with (xinha_config.MootoolsFileManager)

This then refers to MootoolsFileManager.js Line 114, Col 13

Line 114 is: self.phpcfg = f;

I've tried in both Firefox 13 and IE 9
Trunk 1327

I've played around but haven't gotten very far and was wondering if anyone else had, had a similar problem or any ideas of things I can try to fix - would really like to get it up and running!

Thank-you in advance!!


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