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#1 2012-03-01 19:59:11

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Need a way to detect 'blur' when users leaves the editor

I'm looking for a way to detect when the user 'blurs' off the entire area owned by Xinha (not just the iframe).  It looks like xinha is a table containing buttons, an iframe, and a status bar.  When user clicks anywhere outside the entire area created by xinha (including the table), I want to be able to detect this.  What I'm trying to do grab the editor's contents, strip markup from the contents, save contents to a db, and then put the modified contents back into editor (basically doing an auto-save for the user on a blur event).  The problem here is that when user clicks the insert hyperlink button, I do the autosave (because of the blur event on the iframe), which causes me to LOSE the user's current selection within the editor's contents, thus insert hyperlinks fails.  I am losing the selection when I restore the editor's contents after stripping markup.

So I want to move wiring of the blur event off of the iframe or even perhaps if I can detect that it's the 'insert hyperlinks' button I'm blurring to within the event handler I could avoid grabbing and restoring the editor's contents (thus losing the user's current selection).  Then the insert hyperlinks would work.

// blur handler. 
var onBlur = function(event) {
    return true;

// you have to wait until every thing is initialized
this.myEditor.whenDocReady (
    function() {
        Xinha._addEvent(self.myEditor._iframe, "blur", onBlur);  // IE
        Xinha._addEvent(self.myEditor._doc, "blur", onBlur);  // FF, chrome

Thank you.


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