Custom Plugins Newbie Guide Example

This example shows how you can load custom plugins which are outside of the Xinha standard plugins location.

You can do this even if you use Xinha from a CDN and have your custom plugins locally.

Click into the editor and look in the status bar, on the right you will see the message printed by this (silly) custom plugin which has been loaded from /examples/custom_plugins.

You can see in the source of this page how we do this, simply by specifying...

    xinha_plugins:  [ 'minimal', { from: '/examples/custom_plugins', load: 'StatusBarMessage' } ]

... as an option to Xinha, which says, to load the standard 'minimal' plugins and also, from '/examples/custom_plugins' directory, load 'StatusBarMessage' plugin, you could of course load: ['StatusBarMessage', 'AnotherCustom' ] to load more than one thing from the same directory.